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Working in the IT field as a System Administrator for 25 years. Since late 2013 I have been working remotely for a hosting company as a Customer Service System Administrator/Team Lead. I work with Cisco, VmWare, Linux and Windows systems for our customers and internal systems. Before that I spent 13 years at a civil engineering firm as their System/Network Administrator in a one man shop, as well as doing all desktop support. Both have been a great learning experience.

Ripping things apart and figuring out what makes them tick and how to make them better are some of the things that makes me a good technician and problem solver.

In 2010 I was a founder and the conference Chair of the inaugural Professional IT Community Conference (now called LOPSA-East), a two day community conference for system administrators. I am also a board member of the non-profit organization League of Professional System Administrators.

When I am not in front of the computer working on LOPSA-East or LOPSA I like to spend time reading and watching movies and television. I am also an avid cook and certified barbeque pit master.

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